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The Booty Builder is built to simulate the Hip-Thrust movement. The Hip-Thrust has been shown in research to provide extreme glute activation, as well as great activation of the hamstrings and core muscles.

The Booty Builder eliminates the hassle of setting up with free weights and benches, losing balance and/or flipping over the bench or barbell.

The Booty Builder® is constructed on a highly stable platform which is easy to use, and can be performed comfortably by just about everyone.

The upper body bench support as well as the wire and belt system can be adjusted for your individual biomechanics.

Try it out today and get that booty in shape for summer!


Make your fitness goals a reality at McFitness ! Whether you're a fitness beginner or triathlete-in-training, McFitness offers a comprehensive fitness experience for all ages and skill levels. More than just a gym, members at McFitness are part of a family dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle through sports and fitness. We have three types of membership options available for families and adults, which include varying access to our fitness center and pools.


  • Preferred rates and priority registration for our sports and fitness programs including the best swim classes in New York City
  • Priority registration on our sports programs including the best swim classes in New York City
  • Locker rooms with steam room
  • Separate family locker rooms
  • Complimentary towel service
  • Snack bar
  • Triathlon Club membership add-ons available
  • Asphalt Green Masters Swim Team membership add-ons available
  • Easy access to riverfront running trails

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